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Recognizing the duty of the federal government to create a Green New Deal

Read the resolution – February 7, 2019

Local Futures - Economics of Happiness

The crises we face share a common root cause: economic globalization.

The antidote?  Localization.

Local Futures has been raising awareness about the destructive impacts of globalization for more than four decades, while promoting localization as a systemic solution.

A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid a meltdown

With the climate emergency putting our mental health at risk, Emma Beddington presents an everyday guide to eco wellbeing

Rural Development - Exploring the future of wind development in Redwood County

Residents of Redwood County love living there–between the strong sense of community, the state’s largest municipal park, and the rich farmland, there’s a solid community identity and sense of place. Recently, something else has started occurring that’s bringing people together: an energy transition.