Hope is something that is earned. It isn’t something that you have. It is something that is earned with action, and the space for hope is enlarged the more active we become.

We need to fight to make the world the one we want to live in, rather than giving up hope before the fight is really over, especially since the real fight has just really started.

What we can’t do individually, we can do together.

The strike is a chance to show that our affection for our children and their children is sincere.

We need to halve global emissions by 2030 to avoid catastrophic warming.

The world is going to get warmer. Almost inevitably, there will be a lot more pain and suffering in it than we have now. But how much is really up to us.

As a species, we’ve never been so close to death, and we have a narrow pathway that is the path to life. And it’s like, which side are we on. It’s all hands on deck.

There is a political pathway to power, where we could imagine the Green New Deal Plan actually being implemented. So the question is how do we enlarge that pathway? How do we improve our chances? How do we earn the hope that we could actually do this? That’s the only discussion that matters.

The vision of the Green New Deal is for the next economy that is holistic. It is a spiritual project. It is a narrative project. It is a movement project. It is a political project.

The Green New Deal is showing that it has the power to mobilize a truly intersectional mass movement behind it – not despite its sweeping ambition, but precisely because of it.