Municipal action


Check here to see climate action in local municipalities .

What Municipalities Can do for a Livable Planet

Local units of government possess the legal authority to take bold action for the community’s common good.  They have a duty to use their legal authority to protect the environment for the benefit of residents.  Many municipalities around the country are using this authority to fulfill their duty. 


  • Pass an environmental crisis resolution
  • Create a Livable Planet Commission for the city or county or township
  • Install solar panels on all public buildings
  • Contact Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MNIPL) for assistance with building community solar arrays
  • Use their legal authority to prohibit destroying trees, unless three mature trees are planted
  • Prohibit new impervious surfaces
  • Add more green spaces
  • Public transit increase
  • Zoning laws to prevent more sprawl
  • Initiate and support local renewable energy development
  • Create jobs through renewable energy projects
  • Upgrade public buildings with better insulation
  • Pass strict building energy efficiency codes
  • Ban fracking
  • Set policy without having to build more roads
  • Require new construction to install solar panels & geothermal systems
  • Initiate water conservation project
  • Community gardens on public land
  • Education on sustainable farming
  • Victory gardens program
  • Create more convenient public composting
  • Expand and support local food production
  • Become a Green Step City
  • Work with CERT, for hands-on assistance for cities, counties, utilities, farmers and business to transition to clean energy
  • Hold public forums on what we can do locally for the environmental catastrophe we are in


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