Farmers, Labor and local unions, environmental groups, local units of government, law enforcement, businesses, senate districts, youth, churches, clubs, schools, watershed districts, tribal leaders and members ….everyone in your community has a stake in this.

How Can Small Summits Make a Difference?


  • Encourage and empower  more people to take action NOW.
  • Form new consortiums and ongoing partnerships and sustained dialogue and communication
  • Empower and encourage regions to assess their vulnerabilities, overt climate threats, and make preparations for future disasters
  • Expand public engagement.
  • Develop ambitious and creative local solutions
  • Build support for the goals of a Green New Deal in Minnesota and nationally
  • Keep this the #1 defining issue
  • Inspire a larger and more engaged voter turnout in 2020

    What are the Steps to plan a local September 22 Summit?

      1. Form a local planning group to meet and discuss your September 22 Summit.
      2. Decide on a location.
      3. Send the location of the Summit, along with your contact information and any website or social media links to
      4. Keep meeting and planning for 9/22.
      5. Review and consider “Lively Robust Discussions” and organize your Community Summit Program.
      6. Send your Community Summit program to



    Lively Robust Discussions

    The proposed Summit program format is small group discussions of one hour on several questions, with a Moderator and most importantly, a SCRIBE to capture and record the discussion and ideas. Research shows that the small group discussion format is the best way to generate innovation and original solutions. The format is meant to engage people to work as a community, and to empower people to believe that together we can solve problems.  Speeches and panels take away from this important work of talking with people in your community. At the Summit, Minnesotans will be inspired by the possibilities that will reveal themselves when we work together.  Participants will continue the discussion and organizing in their community for the ongoing work for a livable planet after September 22. 



    What motivated you to come here today?

    Do you talk about the environmental crisis with others?

    How are you feeling about the emergency?

    What are some steps we can take in our communities for a livable community?

    Are you interested in creating a new Livable Planet Working Group in your community?


     What did you learn from the mingles?

    What local organizations should be here today, but are not?

    How do we form Livable Planet Work Groups to stimulate local actions?

    How do we enlist more people to join the Livable Planet Working Groups?


    Local food production



    Community Involvement  


    Each Community Summit will gather the SCRIBE’s writings and send them to  The writings will be compiled in the final MINNESOTA SIMULTANEOUS SUMMIT REPORT, and will be submitted to Governor Walz, the Secretary General of the United Nations, all participants of the Summits, and to the news media.

    Another statewide Summit may be planned for 2020.

    Are you ready to sign up to organize a summit? Or maybe you have more questions? We want to hear from you. Please complete the inquiry form below. Note the equation at the end of the form is to prevent spam.

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