Every day people from all over the world are speaking out about the increased devastation of the earth that has taken place in just the last 70 years.  They are concerned about their future, the future of their children and grandchildren.

Check back here weekly to read more WORDS that we need to hear, the WORDS we need to remember as we make life choices, the WORDS we want to speak to the people around us.  (We offer only a few WORDS a week so you can mull them over and over, letting them fill your consciousness.)

 The looming ecological calamity is staring at us in the face. We are at a crossroads. In these perilous times, we have an epic choice.

 2020 is the defining year. The future of organized human life is at a crossroads.

 We won’t have to bother to talk about anything else – if we don’t solve the environmental collapse.

 People everywhere are ready to get on with the job of dealing with the environmental catastrophe we all face.